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Webinar Series June 18 - July 30, 2014

Many of the men I coach and know, when they get real honest about what worries them most about their fathering, share with me their fear of being a bad dad — of repeating some of the same mistakes they feel their fathers made.

They want realspecificand practical tools they can use to become the dad their kids need and want them to be.

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Keith and his message to Dads (and indeed to all of us) is one sorely needed in this day and age of work related pressures that keep us from our families and often from our faith. He is an inspiration to me and will be to many as he gives all of us highly useful advice on how to better balance our lives and particularly our family relationships.

Fred Sievert – Retired President, New York Life Insurance Co., author, God Revealed

Patrick McMillan on The Great Dads Project with Keith Zafren

I was introduced to Keith Zafren, author of How to be a Great Dad, just over a year ago, and since then he has had more of a positive effect on me as a Dad than he may know. He has been my “go to” coach when things got tough, and I am eternally grateful for his friendship, support and for being an amazing model for what a real Dad is.

Patrick McMillan — author, An Exercise in Happiness, and From Father to Dad

Men who want to be great dads love the stories Keith Zafren tells, the practical tools he teaches, and the personal coaching he offers. Keith learned first hand how to raise great kids and stay close to them, no matter what. He is an effective coach, helping male executives (and other busy fathers) to not repeat the mistakes their fathers made, but instead, to become deeply fulfilled and highly effective dads.

Keith is a Jack Canfield trained certified Success Skills trainer. He is the author of the award winning book, How to Be a Great Dad–No Matter What Kind of Father You Had. He is an engaging speaker and writer who has inspired fathers for 30 years from all walks of life, from executives to inmates, to become the dad their children need and want. Through his 23 years of pastoral work, as a founding board member and fatherhood trainer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, and now as founder of The Great Dads Project, Keith has touched thousands of lives.

Here’s What We Know to be True:

You love your children. 

You want your kids to be successful and happy in their lives.

You want to be an effective father, but you may not feel sure what to do.


To inspire and empower fathers worldwide to become highly effective and deeply fulfilled dads who enjoy remarkably great relationships with their kids.

Would you welcome some help to express how much you love your kids in a way that really means something to them,  impacts them, and sets them up for success in their lives?

Download your Great Dad Assessment that will help you figure out where you are in the journey right now and begin to focus you on where you want to be.

We’ll also send you a Special Report that describes The Profound Impact of Fathers to inspire you and point you in the right direction right now!=========

Keith Zafren on The Great Dads ProjectKeith Zafren helps transform fathers into great dads.

Contact Keith directly through the Contact Page of this site.

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