A Father First: How (Dwyane Wade’s) Life Became Bigger Than Basketball

Dwyane Wade bookI recently completed reading Wade’s fantastic and compelling book. Here’s a review for your benefit. I hope you choose to get the book and read it from cover to cover as I did. You will not be disappointed. Read below and decide for yourself. Enjoy.

The Author:  

Dwyane Wade is a three-time NBA Champion with the Miami Heat and a single father to three sons, Zaire and Zion, his own biological sons, and Dahveon (Dada), a nephew who mixes it up with them.

Target Audience:

This book has an intentional wide reach. Though Wade holds Christian beliefs he makes clear in the book, nothing about the book, the story, or the writing appears preachy or exclusive. He intends to reach all dads to inspire them toward more engaged and loving fathering.

What the Book is About:

This book tells three distinct and moving stories woven together to reveal the life, character, and passion of one remarkable man—Dwyane Wade—childhood survivor, basketball superstar, and devoted father.

Keith’s Reflections:

This was a compelling, informative, and inspiring read. I highly recommend it, especially if you’ve seen Wade play basketball but do not know the backstory. Wade survived a terrifying childhood of poverty, violence, drugs, abandonment, and fear, in large measure due to the persistent and sacrificial love and protection of his older sister, Tragil whom he clearly adores and for whom he is beautifully grateful.

The book opens with his very public and sensationalized divorce and custody battle which he eventually won to have his sons returned to him and to come live with him in Miami. Soon after, his nephew Dada joined them.

Woven throughout is Wade’s basketball journey from a very young hoopster on the streets and playgrounds of Chicago, through his formative years as a player and young man in high school, to his big transition to college hoops at Marquette, and eventually to his star-studded career in the NBA.

Throughout, we read of his love for his sons, his commitment to grow as a father, the help he receives along the way from so many, and the many playful, loving, serious, and adventurous moments with his boys that light up the pages and the reader’s heartstrings. Wade shares insights and points of encouragement regarding fathering, especially as a single dad, for dads who live with their kids and those who don’t.

A wonderful collection of stories and a heartfelt piece of encouragement to be a father first, no matter what you do to make a living. Click on the picture of his book above to go to Amazon to order your copy.

To read more from Keith, take a look at his book:

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