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You can now purchase the recordings from the webinar course described immediately below. And you will get as an included bonus a 45-minute private Become a Great Dad Strategic Coaching Session with me.

And below the banner for that course, you can now access the video recordings of the two free webinars I recently gave: one for moms and one for dads.

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Webinar Series June 18 - July 30, 2014

Many of the men I coach and know, when they get real honest about what worries them most about their fathering, share with me their fear of being a bad dad — of repeating some of the same mistakes they feel their fathers made.

They want real, specific, and practical tools they can use to become the dad their kids need and want them to be.

Click here or on the banner above to learn more about this
7-Module Online Webinar.
You can purchase the recorded sessions now.
And you will get as an included bonus a 45-minute private
Become a Great Dad Strategic Coaching Session with Keith.




Webinar Banner May 29, 2014

This webinar already happened on May 29th. 360 women from around the world registered and the feedback so far seems to indicate is was informative, helpful, and inspiring for many moms.

If you missed the webinar but would like to hear and watch it still, just click here for the 42 minute recording.



Webinar Banner June 5, 2014

This webinar already happened on June 5th. 120 men from around the world registered to listen in and learn together.

If you missed the webinar but would like to hear and watch it still, just click here for the 57 minute recording.



Recent Posts

When Our Kids Amaze us

Have you had one of those moments when one of your kids amazed you with how grown up they seem, how articulate they are, or how mature they’ve become, as if you missed a few years of their development somehow? And there they are now, standing before you as a wonderful young man or woman. Where did the time go?

Who is this lovely creature?

I had that experience last May when my two oldest boys, JD and Cal, now sixteen and almost fifteen, went to their spring formal dressed in sport coats and ties. I looked at these two handsome young men in wonder. And truly they looked like men, and they carried themselves that way. I shook my head, and I felt so proud of them.


I had that wonder-filled experience again a few weeks ago when a friend of mine, Dr. Lori, suggested she interview my youngest son, Kai, about an experience he and I had with one of my painting customers (I’m bi-vocational). She heard Kai tell the story earlier and thought it would be great for other dads to hear. They had so much fun planning it together, and the idea quickly grew to include several other subjects, all related to The Great Dads Project.

I shot the video, and stood there with my mouth hanging open most of the time. I could hardly believe this was my little twelve-year-old son still in braces. His thoughts, ideas, suggestions, insights, humor, and his way with words floored me. Seriously, this kid could be an actor. He was so comfortable on camera, and carried himself with such poise, grace, and presence. I’m not kidding. I know, I’m his dad, I’m bound to think he’s great. But seriously, check this out for yourself, and see if you don’t think he’s as great as I do. Enjoy.


If you like this, leave a comment below, and share
a story about a time one of your kids amazed you.


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