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Someone once wrote, “Behind every great man stands a surprised woman.”

I hope that’s not entirely true, though I certainly understand the humor that points to this common reality. That quip plays off the well-known idiom that behind every great man stands a great woman. The point is that women have tremendous power to affect men in numerous ways, including making us far better than we ever would be without your love, presence, belief, and encouragement in our lives.

If women truly understood that most of us men are starved for affirmation, still seeking—in most cases—our father’s approval, you would hold the key to unlocking our greatness as men, husbands, partners, and fathers.

This webinar will reveal the five ways you can empower your man to become great—the man you hope he’ll become.

Here’s what you can expect from this live, FREE webinar:

  1. You will learn the five strategies that will help your man become a much better and more fulfilled dad.
  2. More importantly, you’ll learn how to really make these strategies work for you (and your family).
  3. You’ll leave the webinar feeling energized and inspired to make a big difference right after the call.
  4. And, you’ll discover know how to give your man (and yourself) the best Father’s Day gift ever!

The wife of one of the men I individually coach recently sent this email to me:

THANK YOU, Keith! Your coaching has and continues to have a HUGE impact. My man at home is finally content in his own skin. He looks for ways to connect with the kids. He is present in ways he has never been before. The judgment, frustration, and anger have gone. It is the VERY BEST GIFT EVER that he has given to me (and our kids)! It brings me to tears every time I think on it. I could go on, but I’ll start to cry.


Every now and then, women come across a nugget of gold that they can’t wait to tell all of their friends about. Keith Zafren’s insights were just that for me. An incredibly gifted and spirited speaker, Keith’s unique and brilliant blend of strength and vulnerability, of humor and compelling insight, helped me to understand how to develop a fulfilling and intimate relationship with my man. By drawing on his own experiences, Keith helped me to realize that genuinely affirming my man’s strengths in a spirit of compassion and grace is the ultimate daily gift of love I can give him. Thank you, Keith, for sharing this important message and your special spirit with the world.


My biggest takeaway was about how important my words are to my husband, and to speak life into him. So I would definitely recommend this seminar to all women, whether they’re married or single or dating. The way that we interact with a man and the words that we use are very important. I learned how much power we have in our words to build up or tear down.


The big take away from the morning for me was just how important and powerful my words are to my husband and how those words can really esteem him and fill a void that he’s had with his own relationship with his father. So I hope that I can go home and be more affirming, and teach my children also, to help him be a better husband and father, even more so than he already is. I would recommend this seminar to all women in all stages of life. It’s just a really powerful message to be reminded of, even if you know it, but to be reminded about how much men need to hear these affirming words and that it comes from a core need.


I found today’s experience with Keith just to be incredible. I think he’s probably one of the most gifted speakers I’ve come across and I’ve been to a lot of different seminars and workshops. I feel that what he does is he takes stuff that is definitely going on in me, and my relationship, and he puts it in this context and wraps words around it that make so much sense. He helped me see stuff that I know I contribute in my relationship, and things I see that my husband must be experiencing, but I’m not a man, I don’t really know, I just think I do, as he illustrated and pointed out. So this is really so helpful.

I would recommend the seminar to other women, to other men, to fathers, to sons, to grandfathers. There’s so much that all of us need to look at and we tend to just not take the time, as Keith pointed out. It’s so, so much my experience as woman, as a mother of three boys, and as a wife. I tend to have stuff that I don’t want to look at and I get really busy in my days, but I don’t have to. And what Keith was describing, that men do that and they find their time away from these deep, important issues, that’s just so human. That’s what we do, and I think the thing that made it so palatable for me is that I think Keith’s really gifted at creating a very safe space and holding it in a way that has humor so we can laugh at ourselves as he laughs at himself. He just makes it safe to go inward.


My relationship with my father hasn’t been one that is what everybody would expect and it’s got its turmoil, but I have such an amazing desire and empathy towards him right now to want to know what his life was and to be able to engage in a conversation and to know why he was the way he was, and is the way he is, and to just love him now. That’s something that I can’t say I’ve had. I love my father because he’s my father, but now I want to know my father, and I think that’s huge. But there’s another thing that I got from this seminar. As a single woman, I now know that I have an opportunity to be powerful with my words towards men and I can make sure that they feel not only love from me, but the love of the father. And I want to honor that, and I want my words to be words of life and not words of death. That’s what I got. Thank you.


I really enjoyed the seminar. What I got out of it is encouragement for how to affirm my husband. I’ve had a lot of questions, looking at what he’s gone through as a man with his dad. I wanted to get some information and I got exactly what I was looking for, as well as inspiration. One of my favorite things today is that Keith showed clips of movies. I love stories—I think stories relate to people. It really related to me. I was so encouraged by the story of Tiger Woods because my husband and I enjoy watching golf together. So I really gleaned many good nuggets that I can use right away. And I really, really love the part about “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” At the end of the day, I really do want to make my marriage happy and my husband happy. Thank you, Keith. We loved it.


The seminar encouraged me to be more kind to my husband. One way of doing that is to really appreciate him by looking out for some small steps that he’s taking towards being a better father or husband and really affirm that in him and shine that light on him. I would recommend this seminar to other women because hearing from a man’s perspective truly helps us to understand what our husbands or significant others go through and feel. I appreciate that perspective.




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When Our Kids Amaze us

Have you had one of those moments when one of your kids amazed you with how grown up they seem, how articulate they are, or how mature they’ve become, as if you missed a few years of their development somehow? And there they are now, standing before you as a wonderful young man or woman. Where did the time go?

Who is this lovely creature?

I had that experience last May when my two oldest boys, JD and Cal, now sixteen and almost fifteen, went to their spring formal dressed in sport coats and ties. I looked at these two handsome young men in wonder. And truly they looked like men, and they carried themselves that way. I shook my head, and I felt so proud of them.


I had that wonder-filled experience again a few weeks ago when a friend of mine, Dr. Lori, suggested she interview my youngest son, Kai, about an experience he and I had with one of my painting customers (I’m bi-vocational). She heard Kai tell the story earlier and thought it would be great for other dads to hear. They had so much fun planning it together, and the idea quickly grew to include several other subjects, all related to The Great Dads Project.

I shot the video, and stood there with my mouth hanging open most of the time. I could hardly believe this was my little twelve-year-old son still in braces. His thoughts, ideas, suggestions, insights, humor, and his way with words floored me. Seriously, this kid could be an actor. He was so comfortable on camera, and carried himself with such poise, grace, and presence. I’m not kidding. I know, I’m his dad, I’m bound to think he’s great. But seriously, check this out for yourself, and see if you don’t think he’s as great as I do. Enjoy.


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